​How far down market can Porsche go?

With the Macan, Porsche continues its recent trend of expanding its product portfolio to cater to new and larger markets. Starting with the Cayenne in 2002, ze Germans are building cars once never even considered by the brand. Dislike it as we may but without them, Porsche couldn't produce the cars we clamor for. » 12/20/13 5:30pm 12/20/13 5:30pm

Best of Oppositelock: Hunter's car Special edition

Over the past few months, Brian, the Life of has been sharing the story of the 1955 Ford Fairlane that is to be the first car for his son. They have been working and learning on the car together and now that he car is running and on the road I though it might be a good idea to gather the posts together for a summary.… » 5/29/13 10:30am 5/29/13 10:30am